Sige is mobilizing its expertise and know-how in digital cartography to help the people of the High Atlas.

How can we help? By contributing to the world’s best open-source cartographic database used in the field by emergency agencies, NGOs and disaster authorities. Find out more about our actions

In 2010, following the earthquake in Haiti, the best map of Haiti ever produced was put together in just a few weeks thanks to the mobilization of Openstreetmap contributors. Find out more about Openstreetmap

You too can help us in this mapping effort, whether you are :

A legal entity: company, NGO, foundation, local authority, etc.?

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What we do

Sige is a Moroccan company that has been operating in Morocco for over ten years. Your financial support will enable us to take local action:

Through these actions, we aim to enrich the map for crisis management and future reconstruction stages, while strengthening the skills of young Moroccan geomaticians.

All data produced as part of this project will be free and open-source forever.

We guarantee that all funds raised by Sige as part of this initiative will be used exclusively for mapping the earthquake-damaged areas in the safest and fairest conditions possible.

Contact us to financially support our actions at [email protected]

Overview of Openstreetmap data at Imlil, at the foot of Mount Toubkal in the heart of the High Atlas mountains

Geotagged photos are a valuable source of information, helping cartographers to enrich the map with useful data in the field.

Georeferenced aerial images taken by Drone offer high resolution for mapping and 3D modelling of buildings

Our partners

Sige relies on several partners for its action:

  • Schools and universities to mobilize Moroccan students and young graduates in geomatics:


Faculty of Sciences Ain Chock


Tangier Faculty of Science and Technology


Marrakech Faculty of Science


Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute


Beni-Mellal Faculty of Science and Technology


Hassania School of Public Works

  • Association and local companies


The Utat team organizes the annual Toubkal Ultra Trail, knows the High Atlas mountains inside out and is socially committed.

It provides its expert logistics teams in this complex environment to accompany our field teams in complete safety.


Creative Prod is a Moroccan company with extensive experience in drone aerial photography and 3D modeling of traditional High Atlas habitats.

What is Openstreetmap ?

Openstreetmap is the world’s best free cartographic database. It is widely used by NGOs for their emergency operations, but also by countless other players in the subsequent reconstruction phases.

Contributions are coordinated via HOT’s Tasking manager (Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team).

All the manuals and video tutorials you need to learn how to contribute are available here:

Get your teams involved!

There are two ways to do this:

Free up your employees’ time to contribute to Openstreetmap.
To avoid disrupting your business, pay them for the extra hours they spend contributing!

All the necessary manuals and video tutorials in several languages are available here:


Veremes pays its employees overtime for contributing to OSM via the HOT Tasking manager projects.


TomTom mobilizes four cartographers dedicated to mapping disaster areas via the HOT Tasking manager projects. In this way, TomTom remains committed to providing reliable cartographic data, even at the most critical times.


Tell us about your actions and display your logo here!

Make a donation

To support the mapping campaign financially, contact Sige or make a donation to HOT on the following page:

To support the action of the Moroccan government, make a donation to special fund number 126 for the management of the effects of the earthquake that hit the Kingdom of Morocco, go to the page: Link